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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I was issued a penalty fare, but on what grounds?

    The penalty fare is based on the private law contract that is established between the passenger and the transportation service supplier, which in this case is VR. Once the passenger boards VR’s train, he or she accepts the terms and conditions of travel and agrees to comply with them. These terms and conditions include purchasing an appropriate and valid ticket. If the passenger does not have a valid ticket or a document that entitles them to a discount, a penalty fare can be issued to them by VR.

    Information about the penalty fare that is charged from passengers that are found to be travelling without a ticket has been provided next to train entrances, for example. The same information can be found in VR’s terms and conditions of travel. An appropriate and valid ticket has been required on VR’s commuter trains and a penalty fare has been charged from persons found travelling without a ticket also previously.

    This is not a public transport inspection fee issued by authorities, which has been regulated separately in legislation, as VR’s penalty fare is based on contract terms and conditions. An unpaid penalty fare is processed, ultimately, at district court, whilst an inspection fee is directly enforceable.

  • How can I pay the penalty fare?

    We (Uuva Oy) will send you an invoice of the actual penalty fare by post. Pay the penalty fare by using the payment details specified in the invoice.

  • I cannot pay the penalty fare by the due date.
    What should I do?

    If you need payment arrangements in order to pay the invoice, please contact our customer service.

    For more information, please visit our website at

  • What if I have a valid ticket but I did not have it with me at the time?

    On VR’s trains, passengers must always have an appropriate ticket that is valid throughout the train journey. A ticket that is presented afterwards is not valid. More detailed contract terms and conditions, which notify the passengers of the penalty fare charged when a person is found travelling without a valid and appropriate ticket, are available in the vicinity of and inside the trains.

    However, if you still want to contact us regarding the grounds of the penalty fare charged from you, please fill in the complaint form at

  • I had a ticket on my mobile phone, but the battery went flat during the journey.

    It is always the responsibility of the passenger to ensure that they have a ticket that is valid throughout the journey and a document that entitles them to a discount with them during the train journey. It is also the responsibility of the passenger to ensure that the battery of their mobile phone is charged so that the ticket can be displayed. If this is not the case, a penalty fare can be issued to the passenger.

    Situations where a train ticket could not be purchased or displayed due to an error in VR’s sales channels are principally solved to the passenger’s benefit. The decision on the issuance of the penalty fare is made by VR’s commuter traffic conductors.

  • I was sent a payment reminder even though I have already paid the penalty fare

    If you paid the invoice before the date on the payment reminder, you don’t have to pay the reminder expenses. However, if you paid the invoice after the date on the payment reminder, you must pay the reminder expenses. If you have questions regarding debt collection expenses, please contact our customer service. For more information, please visit our website at

    Please note that our customer service will need the case number of the penalty fare specified on the invoice.

    Enlarge an image The case number of the penalty fare

  • The response to my contact stated that the information I submitted was defective.

    Unfortunately, we do not/cannot process defective contacts. All required fields of the contact form must be filled in for it to be accepted for processing.

    For data protection reasons, we can only process contacts submitted by persons to whom a penalty fare has been issued.

  • I made an excessive payment. What should I do?

    You will receive a separate letter of the excessive payment from Uuva Oy to your home address.

    Please follow the instructions provided in this excessive payment letter.

  • How can I exercise my rights related to data protection?

    In data protection matters, please will in the form concerning data protection that is found on our website at

    Lomakkeen saatuamme, perehdymme esitettyihin seikkoihin ja annamme perustellun vastauksen pyyntöönne viimeistään kuukauden kuluttua siitä, kun olemme vastaanottaneet täyttämänne lomakkeen. Lomakkeen täyttäminen kokonaisuudessaan on tärkeää ja edellytys asianne käsittelylle, jotta voimme varmistua henkilöllisyydestänne.

    More detailed information of our data protection practices can be found online at

  • How do I make a complaint regarding the penalty fare I was issued?

    Please make any complaints in writing at

  • Who monitors the lawfulness of the supervision activities?

    Supervision activities constitute a legal relationship between the trader and a consumer, which means that the consumer can be in contact with the Consumer Disputes Board or consumer protection authorities in general. We at Uuva have committed to complying with both law and good debt collection practices in accordance with the instructions of the authorities (e.g., Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority & Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland).

    Uuva Oy is included in the register of operators that provide professional debt connection activities. The register is administered by the Southern Finland Regional State Administrative Agency, which also supervises the compliance of the activities with the law and good practices to the extent that the receivables are transferred to debt collection. If the receivables are subjected to court proceedings, this will take place in public courts (district court of first instance).