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On 1 February 2021, a penalty fare was introduced to VR’s commuter trains from Helsinki towards Lahti and Tampere, between Riihimäki and Lahti, and within the Tampere Region (R, T, D, G, M, and Z commuter trains). When VR’s commuter traffic conductors are onboard, they verify the right of the passengers to be on the train by inspecting their tickets.

If the passenger does not have with them a ticket that is valid throughout the journey or a document that verifies their right to a discount (such as a student card), VR’s commuter traffic conductors can issue a penalty fare for them. The amount of the penalty fare is 80 euros. The key terms and conditions applied to travelling and tickets are available in the vicinity of the trains. To read more about the terms and conditions, please visit:

Uuva Oy is VR’s partner and collects penalty fares on behalf of VR by sending invoices to passengers to whom a penalty fare has been issued. Uuva Oy is a completely Finnish company that specialises in the provision of debt collection, financing, invoicing, and legal services. We have special expertise in the management of the entire lifecycle of invoices from the sending of invoices to invoice financing, payment reminders, debt collection, and reporting. To read more about us, please visit